Farmhouse Pantry - gluten free
Foods that I can post to you
If you would like, I can post the following foods to you.
Click on the contact us page to send me an email with what you would like.
I will find the cheapest way to get it to you and send you a return email with details.
I will up date this when I have other items that are postable.

Big Biscuits $3 for a 2 pack
  1. fruit & nut cookies with chocolate icing & a piece of almond fig slice in the middle
  2. Coffee biscuit with yummy coffee icing
  3. Honey

Biscuit Packs $4 eack
  1. Ginger 150g

Bread Mix 450g $5.50
makes 1 large loaf, includes instructions

Granola 375g $9

Butter toffee
Salted Peanut 170g $5

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