Farmhouse Pantry - gluten free

This is my food trailer that my clever Hubby made for me
 see about us & markets for markets &special events
Please note
I will be trading at the AHFM Sat Dec 17, Thursday Dec 22 Twilight market No markets on Xmas Eve or New Years Eve 

 Then due to farm commitments I will be taking a few weeks off to attend to things like ·        Preserving all the fruits ripening in my orchard to use in my products for 2017. ·        Weaning calves and teaching them people skills. ·       
         Attending to a multitude of maintenance jobs.
I will be back at the AHFM Sat 21 Jan 2017 
To ensure you have enough bread to get you through this period please order it by Wed morning 21 Dec to pick up at the Twilight Market Ph 83889467 or email 
 (It will be baked on Thursday 22nd but I need to know how much time to allow)

At Farmhouse Pantry
We believe in using the best quality ingredients we can get our hands on.
We grow our own Limousin beef
  • Using low stress cattle handling practices
  • Free range & grass fed
  • Lean beef

Please note that at the moment I still use my blue marquee at the Stirling market instead of my food trailer  

Our aim is
To grow all our own vegies and herbs, but if there is a short fall in our garden we will buy locally and at the Adelaide Hills Farmers Market Mt Barker.

Our Menu
Is subject to change and is dependent on what is in season.
  • Home made drinks 
  • Bread
See the about us page for a list of the markets

At the moment I have on the menu
Soups 600g $7 .....Frozen 
this is large, a big meal for a man or will do 2 meals for smaller eaters
  1. pumpkin
  2. Vegetable

Hot food served at markets dependant on the weather

  1.  Hot stewed fruit with granola and either yogurt or dairy free lemon custard  $5
  2. Toastie, ham off the bone & cheese on gluten free home made bread          $5
  3. Chilli Concarne served with corn chips and greek yogurt                               $9
  4. Soup( in cold weather )                                                                                   $4   
  5. toasted olive bread with fresh tomato, cracked pepper and fresh basil     $3.50
  6. Herb & cheese curry puffs $3 each or filled $4

Meals 600g $12 ......Frozen
  1. Chilli concarne
  2. Goulash

Party Pack $20 per kilo fresh or frozen & vaccum packed

serving suggestion, serve in a crock pot on the table along with a bowl of yogurt 
and a big bowl of Hole Sum corn chips (these are cooked in canola oil)
Please place order by Wednesday 3pm

  1. Baked lemon cheesecake (gluten free, sugar free)
  2. Lemon tarts (gluten free, dairy free, sugar free)
  3. Chocolate Brownies (gluten free, dairy free)
  4. Orange poppy seed cake (gluten free)
  5. Almond citrus cakes (gluten free, dairy free)
  6. Almond carrot cake (gluten free, dairy free & sugar free)

Bread (gluten free, dairy free)
large loaf sorghum bread $8 loaf

  1. fruit & nut cookies with chocolate icing & a walnut on top
  2. Coffee biscuit with yummy coffee icing

  1. Ginger 150g
  2. Honey 150g

Drinks $2 per cup (Large)

  1. Home made ginger beer
  2. Home Made Lemonade
Non Dairy Ice creams $3 single serve tub (150 ml )

  1. Honey (made with raw honey sourced from a local bee keeper)
  2. Chocolate
  3. Choc ginger
  4. Strawberry
  5. Banana
  6. Sugar free ice cream which is, at the moment, Mango
  7. Cashew Nut Vanilla 
  8. Apricot


  1. Fruit & nut balls (gluten free, dairy free) this has no sugar but has a small amount of agave syrup $3
  2. Granola 375g $9

In my sugar free foods I use xylitol which a natural sweetener

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